Monday, January 14, 2013

Things You Need To Know #322

Lilly Mamu was born with beautiful butterfly wings.  They were blue with scarlet accents and had a rather mesmerizing pattern that reminded viewers of leaves falling in an autumn forest.  She was beautiful and traveled  the world as an attraction to various circuses.  In the end, though, loneliness was too much for her.  With a broken bottle when her controlling parents weren't watching she cut off her beautiful wings.  She's now happily married to an accountant in Weehonk Kansas.  She has three beautiful children and an egg.  They keep it warm and turn it every couple of hours.  They have no idea if it will hatch or what will come with it, but she promises to let it make its own choices in life.

This was something you needed to know.

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  1. Very poignant bit of information you're sharing here.