Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seven Psychopaths

So there's this writer, and he's writing a screenplay called "Seven Psychopaths," except he's not so much as writing as drinking.  His buddy tries  to get his mind off his drinking and back on track by getting him involved with his friends and real psychopaths he has coming via a want ad.  This buddy is not too stable himself being in the career of professional dog napper.  He naps the pooch then has the far more suave Christopher Walken return the pooch that he had "found" for a reward.  It's a good gig till they kid (sorry dog) nap the pooch of a crazed mob boss.  There will be blood and there will be psychopaths.  Oh and introspective dialogue. 

Well this isn't your usual over the top action flick.  It has a brain and it is definitely trying for deeper meaning between craziness.  The trouble is that storywise it sometimes leave the film lurching like a car going from fourth gear to reverse in one go.  Luckily, the actors smooth things over and each plays their own game with the film to delicious effect.  Special stand out again goes to Christopher Walken who makes every line reading an adventure.

Certainly worth a watch!  Specially for the story about the Quaker psychopath.

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