Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tasmanian Devils

Oh Syfy, again you decided to not just phone it in, but to then fax and feed the fax to the dog and send the resulting mess to be translated into mandarian chinese, then basque, then back to english.  Yeah, we are talking about a near black hole of senselessness unseen since Ule Boll's last Christmas party. 

One example should suffice here.  Right a bunch of base jumpers are breaking the law by doing base jumping in a national park.  One of their numbers jump off the side of a cliff and JUST SO HAPPENS land right on the part of the floor that will give way to the secret cave that JUST SO HAPPENS has the secret alter on which he gets skewered on that JUST SO HAPPENS lets him bleed out to raise a bunch of really bad CGI monsters.  Sorry folks you have exceeded your silly budget in less than five minutes.  Oh, and let's not forget the pretty park ranger that JUST SO HAPPENS knows the ancient folklore involving tasmanian devil demons and their alter and such.


Oh couldn't find a clip of the movie so here's a better one involving a certain tazmanian devil.

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  1. No tongue in your cheek Lazarus! Laughing and glad I didn't have to sit through the film to reap the benefits of it!!