Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fist Of The North Star

I am gobsmacked.

I mean I finished watching this film with my mouth hanging open.  Totally absolutely gobsmacked.  Now the original anime is pretty weird to begin with, but this live action version is just in its way incredible.  It's like some made a likeness of their bowel movement in gold and  then linked two of them into gold crap nun chucks and hit you over the head with them as they sang "Relax."  Perhaps that doesn't sound like a must see film, but trust me it is.  This is one part action, one part time vault, one part insanity, and one part inanity. 

So like the anime its the end of the world.  Entire parts of the oceans have been boiled away and the rain that now falls is caustic.  Survivors live day to day mining for canned goods.  It is now the time for the ultimate fight between good and evil.  On the evil side is shin who has organized a new civilization based on fascism but without snazzy uniforms.  He is a master of the southern style and can make people blow their veins.  He also kidnapped the girlfriend, killed his father, and gave our hero neat scars. 

Our hero is bummed.   He doesn't want to fight even though his dad heckles him from beyond the grave.  He is the master of the Northern Fist which means he can heal the sick and do some extremely silly but deadly kung fu.  Kenshiro's signature move is to cry out like a little girl while fingering his victim quickly up and down rather quickly.  The poor sap is usually not impressed saying something like, "Are you trying to tickle me?"  And then Kenshiro will walk away saying "You are already dead."

Then their heads explode. 

So the plot unfolds like a taco wrapper on top of waste heap; inevitably but with no one really caring.  On the other hand the stunt casting is just outrageous.  Where else are we going to see Michael Berryman rub shoulders with Clint Howard?  There's a ton of ugly in this film to say the least.  Michael Madsen is in over acting heaven as Jackal who is the only one to have survived a Kenshiro fingering.  He wasn't a nice guy before, now he's a leatherwrapped jack hole who wants to kill Kenshiro's girl friend.  Watching him eating up the scenery was a rare joy.

Anyway  this is on netflix streaming and I suggest you watch it.  Bring a friend and get some pop corn. 

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