Monday, March 25, 2013

The Bay

The Bay has become my new favorite little creature film.  I shouldn't like it because it's a found footage style of film making, but this time they got smart.  Almost all these found footage things pretend to be doing a documentary of some sort to excuse the camera in your face at all times.  Trouble is most don't come off as any sort of documentary at all.  The Bay on the other hand smartly mixes personal footage of the day in question with "official" footage from cops and from security cameras to give a very broad picture.  So broad in fact they minimize the main player to the role of narrator.  It works.  It gives a shifting frame work that doesn't feel forced or faked.

The Bay is the story of small town on the fourth of July in 2009.  A beautiful day.  Nothing should go wrong.  Go wrong.  Go wrong.  Oh you know things are going to go all sorts of chimp crap by the end, but the joy is watching all the pieces come together then fall apart.  Some sort of parasite (fueled by all things chicken crap dumped into the bay) has wormed its way into the population.  The symptoms are horrid and disgusting and just get on getting worse. 

It should be noted that chicken crap by the ton is really dumped into the water supply in real life.  It should also be noted that the named parasite does actually exist.  A rather gross thing best known for eating fishes tongues as the fish is still alive and kicking.  That these two things actually exist in real life should give us no cause for alarm.  Nothing can go wrong.

Go wrong.


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  1. Sounds like a watch where nothing can go wrong...Go wrong...Call Wong's for Chinese take out.