Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In the Car Between The Worlds

The All White Door is not something that is easily opened.  When it does there is the equivalent of a gale in my mind.  White tearing at my reality.  White tearing at me.  White, white, white.  I hate white it is the true color of evil, but never tell it I said that.

Suddenly I am in a back seat.  Suddenly there is a big black box at my feet.  So hot it almost burns through my shoes.  Suddenly I realize something has gone a little wrong.  I've been spoofed.

"What the hell are you doing here???"  This came from the genius driving.  He was a genius.  We've met.  He was a MIT graduate with ADD, a meth habit, and what probably amounted to a quad-polar condition.

"Johnny, you still rigging this scam?"  I said.  The two other people in the car have raised their inevitable guns in the general direction of my face.  I didn't know them except by general stereotype.  Cheap muscle easily bought and amazed.

"Traveller," said Johnny Wong, "we only just parted last week.  Now I know you said what I'm doing is dangerous, but I can't have you popping in everytime I do a job to give me crap.  You understand right?  It's business."

I was about to say something when the car, which was going ninety easily went through the wall of a shopping mall.  Not crashed through mind you.  It just pretended that the wall didn't exist.  The box at my feet put the entire car out of phase with this universe which is why I got sucked in.

"I remember now Johnny, thanks for the context," I try to catch his eye in the mirror as we gun  through an Old navel.  Ghosts of customers whiz through as we head to the east wall.  "Listen, my warning stands.  This is dangerous stuff you are toying with.  That's not my business.  What is my business is that I was trying to go someplace else and your tech caught me.  So let's consider this a mulligan.  You have your boys not shoot me.  You slow down enough to let me out.  In return, I'll break one of my rules and tell you who will betray you next.  Deal?"

later I was there by an off ramp next to a rather amazed illegal Canadian selling flowers.  I dusted myself off as best I could.  Poor Johnny Wong, I knew he wouldn't give up the power.  I knew because I saw the final standoff.  In all honesty, I didn't break any rules as soon as I had the context I knew where Johnny was in his timeline compared to me and it wouldn't change anything to tell him his girl was sleeping with his mouth piece.  Maybe I should feel a little guilty about what was going to happen to both of them, but really I didn't. 

I didn't bother a second thought as I opened the All White Door again.

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  1. Continue to be amazed and enthralled with your writing!