Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Life of Pi

I am so glad I saw this film.  It's a rare example of a film that is both thoughtful and beautiful.  The story you can probably guess from the commercial.  A young man is ship wrecked and has to share his life boat with a very hungry tiger.  This story is told by the man years later to a writer and as he might say it's not the story but the details that are most important.

That's definitely true for this movie.  It grows from all the little things that aren't really part of the story at all.  Like why is our hero named "Pi?"  Why is the tiger named "Robert Parker?"  What was with all those meercats?  These questions are answered and give the story so many layers that you can watch it again and again and might find a different epiphany. 

Let's not forget either that this is simply the most beautiful film of the last five years.  The colors, the photography, it all is just ... lush.  Yes lush is the best word.  It's like a jungle of images.  Sometimes it threatens to overwhelm but you step back and you see all of creation right there on the screen.

Well worth the Oscars it won!

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  1. And it is my understanding that the tiger is almost all CG and so well done you don't know it by watching...?