Sunday, July 7, 2013

I, Vampire

Last year DC launched their New 52 campaign.  It was a grand relaunch of all their titles with some new titles added in.  It was fairly audacious and to most viewers a mix of the interesting and the obviously very bad.  Well now the collections are the New 52 are trickling in to the library so I'm playing catch up. 

I, Vampire was definitely inspired more by Dark Shadows than Dracula originally.  It was as close to soap opera as a comic at that time was going to get.  Because it was such an odd duck title in a sea of super hero titles the character spent years on the sidelines.  Of course, after Blade and a certain series of books and movies of glitter vampires that I shall not name, vampires are now very much the in thing so they dusted the character off and went to town.  Now I don't know what they were doing with him pre New 52 but this current incarnation is pretty interesting.

Well actually the hero isn't that original.  Typical brooding vampire with a touch of Blade in that he's not afraid to off his own kind.  Nor is the tragic love hate romance between him and his nemesis Mary that original.  Now having Mary start a war between vampires and humans and having her actually come through like jihadist with fangs, now THAT is pretty interesting.  When you start with 300 dead in Boston you know the stakes (heh) in the series are going to be high.  That plus a rather interesting artwork that is both bold and soft at the same makes for an interesting read.  I do hope to get the second collection as like in most comic books it ends on a heck of a cliff hanger.  For horror fans definitely check it out.

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