Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Evil Dead Remake

It didn't turn out badly.  If fact it is a  very frightening film.  It is, however, a very different film from the original even if it followed  the plot pretty closely in most places with its originator.  The difference is one of tone.  While the first film is truly a frightening film, there is an underlying sense of fun not found in this film.  When watching the firest Evil Dead you are very aware that you are watching a bunch of probably just out college kids having a hoot.  It's like going to a frat house haunted house.  You still jump and get spooked you get the feeling that around the corner is a party somewhere.  In the new version its pretty darn grim and unrelently so.  The cast is good but there is no one with the insane charisma of Bruce Campbell.  I think I would certainly enjoy the film a bit more if it was named anything but "Evil Dead."  Still, definitely a good film for any horror fan.

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  1. Thanks for this review Lazarus, been waiting for it.