Sunday, July 7, 2013


Sometimes things just don't work.  On paper, Monkeybone should have been a madcap cross between "Beetlejuice" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," when in fact it ending up been a middling movie that was a world class stinker in the box office.  The why of it can probably be laid down to a chopped up script and chemistry that just doesn't work.  The actors here are all fine.  I always like Dave Foley, but then he's become a huge giant jinx you see him and you know the film is going to bomb like Bush in Iraq.  As good as they are they don't gel.  I don't believe in the main romantic relationship.  I don't buy the betrayal certral the film.  The worlds presented while interesting are disjointed and without an internal logic.  So in the end you find yourself looking at certain parts and ignoring the rest.  I will say the parts that work are very interesting.  The nightmare imagery is something like a cross between Ed Wood and old pulp illustrations brought to life.  In the end, for the serious fan it's worth a look now that it's on netflix streaming.  All others might stick to Beetlejuice.

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  1. I never saw it on paper, which is probably a blessing. And while I did get thru the whole movie (challenging as it was)I had no idea what I'd just seen.