Saturday, July 27, 2013


Food and gluttony have always been tent poles of humor in manga and anime.  Toriko just takes this and runs with it to its infinite ridiculous extreme.  Either in another reality or Earth's far future there is the Gourmet Age.  Now manly men hunt the world for the most dangerous ingredients.  These Gourmet Hunters have their own code and customs.  One of them is each must prepare their ultimate feast that best represents them using only the most dangerous and rarest ingredients.

Toriko is one of the best of  the Gourmet hunters.  He's blessed with super strength and an almost canine sense of smell.  Now with a young cook and a battle wolf pup he scours the world and fights of evil (yes EVVVIL) Gourmet hunters.

It's all grand silliness but it is FUN grand silliness.  It's like if Superman worked for the Food Network.  I like how each episode begins with a tale about some strange treat like pumpkins filled with pudding (called pumppuddings of course) or a pensula of fried rice where chili shrimp wash ashore.  Personally, I'd love to set a game in the world of Toriko.  It's a neat combination of superhero antics with classic dungeon crawl morality.  Adventures would be easy to start, "Go get that giant flying Gorgonzolakey, it's worth 500 million.  Oh and don't look into its eyes.  Oh... it has eyes all over.  Have fun boys, and eat well!"  Mostly, I'd just love to see players make up crap about how Gorgonzolakey tastes or how they are going to prepare it.  That sort of creativity is always fun.

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