Friday, September 27, 2013

Dragon Wasps

Dumb monster film of the week.  It's on par with the genre as defined now by Syfy.  A female scientist and side babe are in South America doing SCIENCE!  Actually no they are only pretending to do science.  The science babe is looking for her dad who disappeared in the jungles.  They find some odd pictures and a coordinates to where the pictures were taken so off they go.

Oh not so fast little ladies...(ok well endowed little ladies)...the jungle is a dangerous place so the local US military that just happens to be hunkered down in a South America jungle say nay nay nay.  There are very bad people in the jungle doing voodoo (?) and growing cocaine which probably helps doing the voodoo.  So as they argued they are suddenly attacked by Dragon Wasps.  Action!  Lack o' acting!  Bad CGI.  The wasps get their name by the way because they shoot flames!  Cool beans!

So the wasps take some the CO's men so now he's all hot to find the nest.  But they have to fight past the forces of voodoo coke loving Jaguar and his men.  Meanwhile they fight among each other and fight the mutual hotness they have for each other.

Yeah yeah does it count as a spoiler to say they eventually find daddy and destroy the wasps?  The only really interesting difference is it turns out that cocaine is a natural dragon wasp repellant.  Near the end the actors are getting more and more bug eyed.  Shame they don't go totally, "Say 'ello to my wittle friend..."

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  1. Sounds like it should have been a soft core porno but didn't quite make it!!!