Friday, September 27, 2013

Transcript Found Inside a Half Melted Safe 30 Meters Down

Doctor:  It is 23:32 and I have just finished the final injection upon the patient. 

                                               (muffled groaning)

Doctor:  Mr. Dimmond.   Mr.  Dimmond, can you hear me?

Mr. Dimmond:

Doctor:  Mr. Dimmond you have been through a traumatic event.  You might suffer from some mental confusion.

Mr. Dimmond: fusion.....bringing together... eyes winking... on I am seeing so very clearly I see nothing at all now... you... ewe.....sheep don't see.

Doctor:  Mr. Dimmond do you know where you are?

Mr. Dimmond:  Do you?  DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE.  Can you feel the warp the wolf? Have you seen the the great eye blink.  Black stones.  White stones.  A trap.  Salvation.  I know more where we are than you ever could.  I have seen the God.  The Jesus.  The Devil.  The...the..

Doctor:  The what Mr. Dimmond?

Mr. Dimmond:  I have seen the great aholy the.  The THE.  The signifier.  The hand that is not there.  Not invisible not there.  A shadow on the wall with form to cast it.  The is in the eye and when the eye blinks the changes everything. 

                                    (sound of a groan)

Mr. Dimmond:  What is wrong with my hand.  My hand!  My hand!  The holy fire!!


Mr. Dimmond:  (Softly)  I didn't know ....fingers.....could do that...

                                   (thud followed by silence)

Doctor:  Patient has died.  Again.  Reanimation attempt beta has failed.  The body is in a grotesque state.  He was obviously suffering from dementia as well.  I suggest we try TRU-6 on the next candidate....

                                 (rustling sound followed by an astonished cry)

Mr. Dimmond:  Doctor, the God does not like mulligans.....

                                  (Thud. [rest of transcript lost to burning]

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