Wednesday, September 18, 2013

World War Z

Some projects are nearly impossible to adapt.  Dune comes to mind with its far ranging plotting and characters.  World War Z is nowhere near as dense but it would I believe just as hard to adapt since it is a multiple protagonist view of world wide zombie plague.

I was proved right.

Instead of trying to tell separate stories with different characters they bring in Brad Pitt as the cypher to hold it all together.  Trouble is that a cypher is a cypher, Brad woks with what he has but there's both too much and much there.  On the one hand he has to be able to do everything the separate stories now combined demand of the main character, and on the other the cross of both being an everyman/superman just in the end doesn't work well. 

Now there are some arresting visuals, and there are some suspense scenes.  Certainly the money is on the screen.  I, however, don't like that they are not only fast zombies but they practically have a hive mind going on.  With an onset time of seconds there should be no humans left for all practical purposes within 24 hours.  I still don't see how they could have spread via planes as is claimed when in just 30 seconds or less folks go totally zombie.  But I suppose that's just picking the nits.

Anyway it's not bad and I'm sure it will elicit discussion only for the scene of mindless zombies attacking Israel.  So it's worth a watch.

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