Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Mold is a classic bad/good film.  Other reviewers reference with "Street Trash" and that isn't undeserved.  The story is simple in the days of Ronald Reagan a program is started to kill drugs before they even get into the states.  This program was to use a genetically modified mold to instantly kill entire crops.  The scientists have done a lot of good work on the mold and not so much on the counter measure.  Still celebration is in order.  So the very (VERY) small staff is giving a party to a military advisor ("Corporal Need To Know") and a Senator.  Of course the mold breaks out and people begin to green goo it up big time.  Can they survive? 

Well you can pretty much guess the order of death fairly easy, but otherwise this is rather nice.  The effects are good in a cheap, practical manner.  The characters are cardboard but of an interesting cut.  The action doesn't let up and the film is unabashedly not ashamed of its cheapness.  Definitely for horror fans only.

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