Monday, August 1, 2011

Breaking Bad: The Betty and WIlma Show

Some folks have been complaining that this season is a bit slow. Boo hoo, it's about building up characters folks. Setting up the dominos so when they do fall it is oh so delicious. Just remember this is a show ABOUT tweakers, and the viewer shouldn't be a tweaker. Just relax.

That said, this week's episode is mostly about the ladies. Skyler and her sister Marie. It's amazing to see how their reactions to events parallel each other. Basically, when these sisters are pushed they shove back HARD. It's a shame they are wrapped up in their own secrets or else they'd be a horrible team. Like a total Wilma and Betty Rubble tag team times ten.

Marie is having the worst of it. Her husband is being a dick, and since he's being a dick because he's hurting and incapacitated Marie doesn't really feel she can confront him. So instead she goes to real estate open houses. There she spins elaborate fantasies about home schooled kids and husbands in NASA. Oh, and she steals nick nacks. When she's finally caught she goes completely on the offensive, threatening to arrest the real estate agent.

Skyler does more on her end but its still grounded in a grudge. After being blown off by owner of the car wash she wanted to buy, she basically vows to get it by hook or by crook. She easily wraps ol' Walt around her finger and even gets crooked lawyer Saul on board. Soon enough, car wash owner is being investigated by a "public health inspector," and told it will costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to make his business in compliance. Soon enough he's selling it to Skylar for nearly eighty thousand less than the original offer.

Meanwhile Walt and Jesse are stil dealing with not dealing with their situations. Jesse is again flirting with trying to be evil, so much that he throws money at his skaggy friends to cause them to fight. Walt just gets more sullen as he realizes they are being watched. Finally, ol' Hank is given dead Gale's lab notes. This could be the start of the real can of worms.

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