Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Night's Breaking Bad

Oh Jesse, Jesse, Jesse....

I know your soul has been crushed.  I know you didn't Walt to have you replay you shooting Gale, you probably have that little home movie every time you shut your eyes.  You have decided to punish yourself better than nearly any character I've ever seen.  You've become your devil and you've created your own hell.  Like the song you've made your empire of dirt.  I appreciate it, I do.  But I miss the old Jesse and I'm afraid that cleaner Mike isn't going to miss you at all. 

Last night, Mike got annoyed.  It started with some morons shooting the tip off his ear.  Then he found himself dealing with Jesse situation and finding that Jesse was beyond all attempts at putting the fear of God, or at least Gus, into him.  So, in the end he finds himself driving down a desert road with Jesse who doesn't care where the road ends.

Walt meanwhile is scrambling, scrabbling, and is trying hard to protect himself and others.  It's hard though, Hank has Gale's notebooks.  Walt's wife has turned punishing Walt into a 3 act play to be performed in front of Hank and Marie.  Gus is keeping his distance except with his security cameras following Walt's every move.  Now, he finds Jesse gone, and he knows things will never be the same.

A great episode, and now we can see the tempo pick up.  The dominos are beginning to fall, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do.

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