Friday, August 5, 2011

Last Night's Futurama

Well this has been a banner season for Leela. Last episode that featured her, had her create a children's TV show and suffering the guilt of having everything turn out happily ever after. This episode focuses on Leela's goal oriented personality. It's pretty unique in the show because Leela first actually has goals (beyond say Fry's wanting to tie his own shoes) and she is compentent enough to achieve them. However, the trouble is with such a can do personality is when they can't do there's a risk of breaking a main spring in the think box.

That's what happens here when a delivery is eaten by a fourth dimensional whale. Before you can say "Call me fish meal," Leela is going all Ahab over the problem. The rest of the crew really isn't all that interested in the cargo or becoming whale food so there are nods at mutiny. It's a pretty fast paced episode and the jokes are good, but I still think last week's head licking time travel episode was more humorous. Still, I can always watch Leela.

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