Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movies I'd remake: "The Illustrated Man."

Ray Bradbury always shown his brightest with his short stories. Which is cool for a remake because you can keep the structure but change the stories. Here we have a mysterious woman tattooing a man with images that are also the gateway to the stories. My main change here would be to NOT use the stories from the book "The Illustrated Man." THey are fine stories, specially the one about the rains on Venus. Still, though they are second tier to the stories from "The October Country." If you have not read the October Country clear off some bookcase space and warm up the Amazon cause you need to read these. Wonderfully dark little nuggets that range from horror to less nameable emotions. My favorite story is about a boring man that suddenly becomes popular with the hipsters BECAUSE he's so boring. He soon discovers he likes the attention, and the hipsters learn there is a shelf life to boredom. The story follows what price he pays to keep his audience.

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