Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things I would remake: Dungeons and Dragons

Nor the two craptastic films based on D&D. Oh no, I want to remake the Saturday morning cartoon. You know, the one with the creepy Yodalicious little Gnome guiding some kids with magic weapons through a land of magic and danger. It also had the voice of Donny Most (of Happy Days fame), as the craven cavalier Eric. For a Saturday morning cartoon it was pretty fun. Probably still counts as craptastic, but I liked it.

I would remake it as live action and keep the time line. It's been something like twenty five years since they were last adventuring and our kids have grown up and put childish things like massively powerful magic weapons behind them. I would start with a classic reversal of having Eric truly grown up after all his experiences. He actually grew up to be a classy guy. Along with that I would have the person with the most problems being young Bobby who took to the lands of dungeons and dragons like a duck to water. Since then he has been nothing but trouble, fights, drinking, trying to live a barbarian life in the suburbs.

Between these two poles the rest of the characters have grown into fairly happy people. There are some regrets, problems, and the usual life problems. That's to be expected, but mostly they don't even think back to their lives as adventuring youths. All that changes though when their greatest enemy, Venger, opens the road between the worlds. He's still a first class villain, but he's a villain who's butt has been kicked. He needs their help. He also says the Dungeon Master has been captured by evil Lolth Demon Queen of Spiders and that she plans on taking over all the land. Our heroes will have put aside their lives and take up arms again to save their old mentor.

Anyway, that's how I'd start it all off.

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