Sunday, September 4, 2011

Children of the Corn: Genesis

There is something oddly endearing about the greed of Dimension films. They will not allow a franchise to die, even though by all rights most of their franchise are so dead the buzzards are getting frequent flyer miles. Children of the Corn is a good example as any. Based on a Stephen King short story there was barely enough material for one film. There is now that film, a remake, and so many sequels they don't even bother to number them anymore. This brings us to Genesis.

After a confusing prolog set in the seventies we now start up in the most logical place for heart land horrors, the desert. Well it's logical if you are based near LA and you have a budget of a buck forty five. A young couple, the wife pregnant, are having car troubles so they go to spooky shack house. Inside shack house is crazy preacher dude playing with corn dolls and sexy immigrant wife who asks for weed when preacher dude is not looking. Now you might notice for a series famous for killer children there is very little in the way of killer kids, and you would not be long. Later the wife thinks there's a kid locked in the shed and that immigrant wife and hubby fooled around. This goes about...nowhere. Finally, we get an ending that was like an outtake from some "Final Destination" film also put out by Dimension.

So we have a bland horror film with barely any horror. There is some creep factor but even that is subdued. Worse, all the themes of the series are muted near to nothing. In the end this film is basically just name rape in the third degree.

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