Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Night On Breaking Bad

Well some folks dodged bullets and some didn't. Gus dodged a bullet in the here and now and in the past. Our favorite chicken man/sociopathic killer was called into the police and asked a few pointed questions. Generally, he managed to graciously prove to the DEA he was just a humble provider of chicken related food stuffs. Hank, of course, is having none of it and gets a crazed Walter to put a GPS device on Gus' car. Walt has kittens and possibly a cougar and tries to tell Gus he didn't do it, really he didn't. Gus just tells him coldly to go ahead and do it, oh and what's your order?

In a flashback we see that things weren't always so easy for Gus. There he was a struggling to get the attention of the Cartel. Giving away free samples of his pure meth put together by his partner. It's clear they are really close so it's sad when the Cartel kills Gus' partner. They say the reason Gus is still alive has to do with his mysterious Chiliean origins. Be that what it may, it set the gears in motion to Gus' actions today.

Does Gus keep Jesse and Walt around because he sees his own past in them?  Or is he as we always thought just a sociopathic user of people?  We don't know yet, but the added depth to his character is very welcome indeed.

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