Monday, September 5, 2011

Wacky Races

 A while back I saw a failed pilot for the Cartoon Network for a new version of the Wacky Races.  I say failed, but I mean the Cartoon Network didn't pick it up.  It was a well animated and funny little short on its own.  It made me want to see the original Wacky Races which is now in DVD.

In format, it is like the old "Laff Olympics" in that teams are competing each week in a contest.  One person is always cheating (though honestly given what some do I wonder about the rules in use) and thus he always winds up n the in last and given just deserts.  It's better than the Olympics in that there are more teams so there is a bit more variety as to who wins and loses.  Dick Dastardly and Muttley are the eternal cheaters and they are fun foils.  Muttley is particularly fun as he cycles between fawning kissing of the hands to cynical laughter depending on what he things he can get away with.

The racers have a good balance of personality.  Of course Penelope Pitstop is the queen of the show, with the Gruesome Twosome and the Ant Hill Mob providing the best color.  I guess of all the racers the hillbillys are my least favorite.  They just don't add much and are just too much the stereotypes.  The animation is pretty much what you expect for the time.  It has a bit more of a loose quality than some shows but is a plus for a show that by its nature plays fast and loose.

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