Friday, November 11, 2011

The Brillman Incident

Hillary Brillman (34)
"she came from a book of stars
she is so terrible
worlds shake
but I could not refuse her...."

In 1963, Hillary and Anathema Brillman were returning home from a visit to their cousins in Vermount.  They were last seen at around 6:00 pm at a mom and pop gas station.  They did not reach home.  A very upset husband led a search.  They found the car, empty, that morning.  The two ladies would not be seen for another twenty three hours.  They were finally found in a tree hollow in a state searchers described as "hysterical."  They were sent to St. James Hospital for treatment of hypothermia.   While there they begged for paper and anything to draw with.  They each finished a drawing and after a brief cryptic statement they fell into a coma.

The comas lasted 23 months.  In that time several tumors were removed.  The nature of the turmors were not described.   When they finally awoke they had no memory.  Hillary Brillman lived two years in perfect health afterwards and then died of stroke.

Anathema Brillman grew up to be a lovely woman.  She married.  Had two children.  At the age of 34 she disappeared.  She left a note that said only, "...she is lonely still."

The Brillman case has never been closed.

Anathema Brillman (5)
"She was so lonely...."

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  1. Wow! Love this. Did you fabricate the whole thing or take some from a news story??