Friday, November 11, 2011

The Child's Eye

Well this is an interesting Asian horror film. The main characters are basic horror fools. The main two are having relationship problems. The guy is a doofus and the girl is odd reading strange Asian occult books with tidbits like "Pregnant women shouldn't kill. A pregnant woman chopped chicken feet and her baby came out with web toes."


Anyway they are Chinese and they are having a holiday in Thailand. Frankly I don't see the appeal of Thailand it seems to be the Alabama of Asia. Nevermind. Anyhooooo.... there's a big riot happening and the airports are closed. Unable to return to their posh hotel they take refuge in a bug infested local flop house. They are immediately creeped out by orphans and dogs that seem to see ghosts. But they stay anyway.

Now most horror protagonists have the survivability of soap fish but the main girl here takes the cake.  She does things like, "Hey there's a riot outside let's go outside and watch."  Yeah, never mind it's a riot, it's a riot in THAILAND and Thailand police are well noted for refined police brutality.  Two seconds into their tour they are tear gassed and a girl is seeing ghost ladies reaching for her.

Well, what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand I guess.  Turns out things are even more serious.  Soon all the guys are missing.  The owner of the Hotel is acting all Norman Batey and the Orphan Girl is telling them to take her dog to find the ghost and monster.  Monster?  Oh yeah there's a monster in the hotel.  There's a very interesting story too about how there got to be a monster in the hotel.  

But that would be telling.

Overall, it was a fairly successful Asian horror film.  It didn't insult my intelligence too much, and it kept some interesting suspense.  Not a four star enterprise but more than enough fun.

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