Sunday, November 6, 2011

Haunted Casino

Well if you really want to see an ass, go see a full moon picture. You don't hear much from full moon anymore though they still exist churning out direct to something style horror films. Their last big hurrah was with Tommy Chong in a little film called "Evil Bong." Between that and the seasonal "treat" "Gingerdead man," you should get a clue over where they are at the moment in terms of art or even craft.

"Haunted Casino," is about a guy that inherited an old abandoned casino from his dead uncle. He and the usual gang of idiots come over to um... do something there. It's a little vague, but so is the crew. There's the Velma, the Shaggy, a Daphne, a slut and an asshole. Of course, from the title you expect there will be a ghost. Actually, I'll give some credit that there are actually five ghosts. Two are played by nearly real actors; Sid Haig and Michael Berryman. They don't do much except pick up a check but their sour burps would liven this film up so let's not kick the gift horse in the mouth right?

The other three ghosts were workers at the casino and now are glitchy, gimmicky "gambling" ghosts. There is a slot girl (yeah and there's about the height of the humor of the film right there folks), there is a barely there roulette ghost, and a rather effective black jack ghost. Each offers bets to the bags of meat and of course they lose. We lose as the audience when the ghosts take on their ghosts forms which are well... muppetity.

It's bad, bad, bad. But it is over pretty quickly and it could be enjoyed with the right mental state.

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