Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Night On Grimm

Well at this rate we are going to run out of stories quickly. I honestly didn't think they'd reach for the 3 bears story so quickly. I'm curious if that is a true grimm fairy tale or a later edition because it just doesn't have much fear factor associated with it. Luckily, in the Grimm-verse the bears are Jagar Baers who are basically kick ass were bears.

The thing I like about the show so far is that is trying to be a bit more nuanced in how it is handling the supernatural element. Here instead of having a bunch of were bear bogeymen, they instead gave a little insight in how these creatures are dealing with the modern world. There is an internal clash between those that want to adapt and those that want to keep the old ways. Since the old ways involve a lot screaming death we the audience of course hope the reform movement wins out.

Meanwhile, there is still the conspiracy trying to kill Grimms to worry about. About Aunt Marie finally dies so what ever else our hero is going to learn about himself will have to be from elsewhere. The show certainly moves faster than it's "sister" show "Once upon a Time." It certainly doesn't take itself near as serious either. I can say now after seeing a few episodes of both that I perfer Grimm at the moment.

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