Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Night on Young Justice

An interesting episode. The team is no longer functioning well after everyone's virtual death last time. So Black Canary tries some therapy sessions. As you can imagine there's a lot of teen angst dredged up. Not everyone though is ready to deal with it. Black Canary tells Kid Flash that he's in denial and he glibly says "THAT I can deal with."

Speaking of not dealing, Super Boy does his usual bad boy thing of running off. Taking his pet, giant, mutated wolf and his alien sphere he joy rides around when his sphere becomes a bitchin' bike. That's when he runs into the Forever People. I love the Forever People, they are sort of a cross between hippies, superheroes, and demigods. They come from one of Jack Kirby's weirder phases. Luckily, being into peace and all they don't do the usual let's have a superhero on superhero fight. But they do join with Super Boy to fight Desaad and his evil Apokalypse technology. It all made for a fun little adventure in what would have otherwise been a downer episode. Also, it sets up a future meeting with Darkseid.

That should be interesting.

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