Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apollo 18

This is a found footage flick with a cute idea. That there was one more Apollo mission than history allows for. Suddenly we have all this footage found (no doubt from some secret archive), of the last mission. As you can guess it doesn't go well. Though seemingly routine at first, things get bad as our brave astronauts find dead Russians and stranger things on the moon.

On the one hand the tight claustrophobic sets of the landers add a sense of terror. Also as with any of these movies there are scenes that will make you jump despite your best interest. However, the net effect is less than impressive. In fact, it was pretty durn slow in spots. Also, the science nerd in me was left to wonder what did these monsters do wheh there weren't astronauts to snack on. There's no sense of an ecology or a natural order to things. I'm more likely to accept demons than poorly thought out "natural" creatures. That's just me.

Still, this is a decent little chiller and by the standards of most horror films slightly above standard.


  1. I have never been a “found footage” fan. It is the sci-fi conspiracy aspect that caught my eye. I was interested since the first trailer I saw. As soon as it was available I added it to the top of my Blockbuster Movie Pass queue. I should have it this weekend. I thought about buying it right away but I learned my lesson. To prevent coming home with another bad movie I will never watch again, I screen/rent them first. It has saved me a lot of money. For just $10 per month I can rent DVDs, Blu-rays and video games as well as stream to my TV and computer. It is one of the best portions of my DISH service. I would subscribe even if I didn’t work there! I hope this is a better “found footage” film then Blair Witch or Cloverfield.

  2. I just watched Apollo 18 last night and was very impressed by an essentially 3 man cast! It could have been a bit more but rarely these days is there a horror film that couldn't be. There are some good jumps and you get the idea of family between the guys, as with other Moon- walk movies, the 'nauts know and like each other. Leaves me wondering about the way they got ahold of the film clips though...