Monday, December 5, 2011

Prince Charming?

So last night on "Once Upon a Time" was soap opera night. Emma found out that the sheriff is sleeping with Queen Mayor. Which given that their "relationship" has amounted to a couple of days shouldn't hurt much. On the other hand, Snow White and Prince Charming are having a real bad time of it. Prince Charming, who now is just a john doe who woke up from a coma with no memories, doesn't want his "wife" and wants Snow. Snow doesn't want to be a home wrecker but is of course attracted to the guy. Oh the angst.

The fairy land part of the story really doesn't clear thing up. In the real world the prince says he didn't choose his wife because that person is no more. Ok, I can dig that. But the fairy land story which shows he's actually Prince Charming 2.0 doesn't help actually. The story is that Rumplestiltskin got the king a child cause he couldn't have any. The child grew up to be a strong prince, but got killed just before he had to kill a dragon to save the kingdom. So Rump reveals that the Prince is just one of a pair of twins, and so the King comes over and tells the other twin (a shepard) be my son or I destroy your farm and family. Later, after he actually kills the dragon he's told by the king, "Marry this princess or I'll destroy your farm and family." So of course he says I do. Then on the way to their new home he gets robbed by Snow White and we seque into the earlier stupid flash back with the trolls a few episodes back.

Ok, here's the problem. He DID choose. Granted the choice was basically do this or I'll kill you and everyone you loved, but he did choose first to become a prince, and second to the marriage. Now if his other twin had agreed to all this, then ok I'd see the reason to bring up the whole twin thing. As is, it's just sort of extra baggage with no clear purpose. Now, I will say I like that the King paid for the information on where the twin was by telling Rumplestiltskin where to find the fairy godmother. The same fairy godmother that Rump wasted for her magic wand. He's definitely a mover and shaker.

So, over all, not a great episode. It does, however, move the narrative ball forward so points for that.

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