Friday, December 9, 2011

No Reinigen Is Not A German Beer...

They are rat people.  Worse, in the picking order of the Grimm universe they are considered low beast on the totem pole.  They do have the ability to control rats with music, but that doesn't seem to impress their neighbors.  This is to say the least, leaves them a little touchy about their place in society.  Tonight's little episode is all about that as a Reinigen teen faces problems dealing with rich humans in school.  They look down on him for being a rat catcher's son.  He's not a happy camper and anyone with half a brain can see a "Carrie" scenario coming down the pike.

It's a good over all episode.  They made great use of our favorite nice wolf who has one of those conversations that we all hate when we try to give wisdom to the young.  I'm becoming a little concerned about meeting a new beastie every week, Portland is becoming chock full of part time monsters.  Still, it's interesting watching Nick fit into his new world.  It's clear he's not like the other Grimm's in that he's a cop first.  If the monsters aren't breaking any laws he's willing to let them be.  Of course, most aren't aware of which leads to funny little bit of one poor schlob realizing who's house he's in and having a complete and total freak out.  You know, right now the only power we know a Grimm having is to see the others, but I wonder if that's all.  From the very extreme reactions these Grimms are total badasses.  We shall see.

Oh, and I totally want an Electric Cat Head.

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