Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blutbaden Shouldn't Pal Around

So far the best character in Grimm has been Eddy the good wolf.  It's not fair really Nick could be a better character but he has to play the good guy and hero of the show.  Eddy being the wild and crazy sidekick is given more leeway for character growth, and he has.  He's not just Nick's walking encyclopedia of creepies, he's a senstive soul that likes fine wine and a morning work out.  It's hard to imagine him as an uncontrolled beast.

This week we got to see what that beast must of looked like. 

After an explosion at a rather odd looking house an even odder character Hap is in need of a place to stay.  He calls a friend.  Nick already notices he's, despite a very laid back manner, is a Blutbaden but he's still surprised to see that the person who picks up is Eddy.  Seems they took the same "12 step" program to become good wolves.  Later, Nice will  meet Hap's sister who is anything but good.  She was also Eddy's old flame and they get back together for a wild night.  How wild?  Well blutbaden having wild sex will covered in rabbit blood is certain going off the track.

The rest of the episode follows Eddy strain of trying to stay a good wolf and Nick's investigation of the explosions and murder.  Turns out that there is a feud going on between the wolflike Blutbaden and the pig like Bauerschwien.  It's an interesting idea to turn the story of "The Three Little Pigs" into the Hatfield and McCoys but it works. 

This whole episode works.  It was entertaining and I like where it went.  We saw some nice character growth and we are getting more pieces into this odd world that is "Grimm" 

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