Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Lost Girl the Story Might Be Whispy But the Characters Are Not

The second episode of "Lost Girl" has sealed it as my favorite Monday show. Alcatraz might have the glitz, and Being Human might have the soap opera, but Lost Girl has all the fun. It's like if Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a bad, bad girl. Bo is not some emo vampire tormented by the fact she sucks out human souls. Sure, she wants to control her hungers, but she doesn't get all upset about it.

So in this episode she and her gal pal are getting all set up. You got to love their lair. It beats the bat cave just because it has its own vending machines. I'd never leave my room (much) if I had my own vending machines. Anyway, a rather odd looking Fay pops in and starts lighting green fires. Turns out he's a Will O' The Whisp and he wants to hire Bo to find a treasure stolen from him. In return he promises to tell her some information about her past. Bo of course says yes.

As she goes through her case we get a better feel for the Fay world. The two Fay cops we've been introduced to obviously act as "cleaners" for the Fay community. They get a little upset that Bo seems to be using their services too much. We also find a nice bar that stands as neutral ground between the light and the dark. We also learn that these sides have been near to war for thousand years now. So there's some tension yes.

The episode moves fast, it has a nice sense of wit, and the story wasn't too dumb. The characters are getting into their grooves and I really want to watch the next episodes.

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  1. I agree! I'm really liking the characters, the sidechick is fun, and the burgeoning relationship between Bo and the Light Fay 'helpers' is bound to cause some good ol' trouble in coming episodes!!!