Saturday, January 28, 2012

Real Steel

I wasn't prepared to like this film nor hate it. It looked like a sappy film that kids would like and I would find hamfistedly trying to grab my heart. Well, I was right to an extent but the amazing thing is that they pulled it off.

The story centers around robot boxing. Why this would be a popular sport I don't know but some folks like demolition derbies so I guess the same principle applies. Hugh Jackman is a desparate man running robots that are on their last legs. He owes everyone money and he's only still in the game on a wing and a prayer. When his last robot gets of all things gored by a bull it looks like the end.

Then, as the narrator of trailers often says, something wonderful happens. His son is about to get adopted by some rich people and they just need him to sign the papers to release his responsiblity to a kid he's never even seen. Hugh though must have seen "Rainman" however and instead takes the kid under his wing hoping that he can milk some money out of rich folk. Of course you know they'll wind up bonding. Of course the little robot they do get turns out to be a fierce fighter. Of course they start winning. A film like this isn't really about surprises. What was surprising as I said was that I went with it. What sold this film to me was the acting. Both the kid, Dakota Goyo, and Jackman just act the hell of this film and make rise above the source material.

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