Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lost Girl

Well now this is a pleasant discovery. A good show from Syfy. It's always been an odd fracture of that channel that the folks who do their movies must be able to peel bananas with their feet but the folks involved in the series can come up with "Battlestar Galactica." So maybe this wasn't a huge discovery but I enjoyed it greatly.

Anna Silk, who does an incredible job, plays Bo. Bo is an urban nomad. She travels from place to place and can change her identity on a dime. There's good reason for it. See everyone she has every kissed has died, admittedly with a smile. So she has left quite a trail of bodies by this point when she uses her death kiss for good saving a young street hustler from roofied rape. They couldn't be more different so of course they team up and become friends.

This might have become a very strange version of "Midnight Cowboy," but then the police get involved. By police I mean police by day and something else by night. One fellow whistles them both into unconsciousness. It turns out that they are fay. Yes...fairies. Though I don't think they would like that term. See fay are in the world and they have funky powers. They also have formed two parties basically light and dark. They are upset about Bo because she's obviously fay but isn't a part of either side.

Here Bo discovers that she is literally a succubus and that there might be hope of containing her hunger for life force. She also finds one fay that can at least survive her kiss for a little bit. The feedback nearly blew her mind like it was the most mind blowing sex you could have for thirty seconds. So, now at least Bo has two reasons to keep interacting with the fay even though she is not much of a social person. The fay don't help that by forcing her to fight to the death two nasty fay to see if she is worthy of joining a side. Of course she is, but she annoys them when she chooses neither side and instead chooses to side with humanity. This ticks the powers that be off to no end, and there is some talk of an obscure little prophecy or whatever. So there is going to be continued interaction between our Bo and the fay.

If the rest of the series is as good as this it should be an interesting competion between the two sides. I thought most of the other actors ranged from good to well at least his part was small. The budget of the show is small but they work hard and the designs seem to fit together well. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. I also find this intriguing. I have read a bit of fairie lore and find it unusual that succubi are part of the same family... The electricity between the He and the She is tangible. I will be curious to see where this goes, and who else is part of the fairie world...