Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sucks to be Mr. Turtle

Last night on "Face Off" our artists were teamed in twos and were charged with making an aquatic style character that could actually survive immersion in water. Two shows in and the contestants still don't have much personality except between "bitchy" and "less bitchy." Supposedly most of these folks have worked in the field so I'm surprised they had so much trouble figuring out what would and would not work underwater. The worst was the Turtle figure made up by the two dudes who hate each other the most. I can easily hate them both for being prima donnas specially the one guy sporting the salvadore dali stache. So I was happy that the paint started washing off from the get go. I was less happy to see the model almost drown as the head piece seemed to get in the way of him being able to see and catch a breath when he reached the surface.

Note to syfy: Try not to get anyone killed, kay?

Other than that the episode was mostly a snooze. Shame I want to like this show more.

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