Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swamp Volcano

Swamp Volcano....really Syfy? That's the title you are going to go with? Swamp Volcano.


Besides being just a horrible title, it's really not accurate. Most of the action takes place either in the Gulf or in Miami. One student does get cooked in the swamp and some alligators become stew but really that's about it. Might as well have called it "Wet T Shirt Volcano."

Anyhooo... an evil firm is using stolen science to get more oil. They then accidentally drill up magma and start the whole volcano thing going. For some reason the evil leader thinks he can hide disappearing oil platforms and volcanoes.  Well can't fault him for thinking small.

The hero of the piece is a pretty geologist who's theory that the Gulf was made by volcanic action was what the evil firm stole.  So of course she is the first one to spot the danger, and most qualified to fix things.  While all that sleuthing is being done we get see volcanic action in action.  Probably the most amusing was the "steam tsunami" where ultra hot steam blows onto a Miami beach turning a wet t shirt contest into a bloody one.  It's hard to screw up a cloud of steam but Syfy puts the effort into it.  The burn make up helps making things look more silly than scary.  Overall the special effects are to Syfy's usual low standards.  The opening shot of the oil platform, for example, makes it look like the platform is floating above the sea.  Good work guys.

Overall, not the worst of Syfy's offerings but that is something of a problem in that it slants more towards boring than cheesy.  The best you can say is that it is forgettable and mostly harmless.  The worst you can say is just keep repeating the title.  Swamp Volcano. 


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