Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Scorpion King 3: The Battle For Redemption

My light of my life told me she was going to watch "2012," and I said "Well, that's good cheese love." She was confused for a second thinking that I didn't like it. So I explained that I liked it fine because it is cheesy. Sometimes a film will just take such a flight for reality and logic that you can only admire the results. This brings us to the Scorpion King. The entire series is based in cheese like the Wisconsin economy. The third movie in the series has just intesified the cheese factor to an almost nuclear level.

I had a most excellent time watching it.

Now let's get aside the bad. The script. Sucks. The plot. Cliched and sucks. The story is the usual got to go fetch the magic dingus from the bad guy before he can rule the land bwahahahaha. The worst thing, though, sadly is Billy Zane's acting. Now there is cheesy over acting, and there is just smirking. Billy Zane, in this film you did smirk mightly. It was like Billy Zane was in a totally different picture and was not made aware that he was acting with others. He even in spots referenced the acting style of Jim Carey in the Ace Ventura movies. I swear, it's the truth, he did it and he shouldn't have. Billy, if you are reading this, all is forgiven based on past performances but please learn to act with others.

So the good. Victor Webster did not suck as the Scorpion King. He had a light touch to his role, but didn't lose touch of the sad back story of the Scorpion King. He not only looked like he could handle the action scenes, but he seemed to be having a heck of a time. His buddy was even more fun. Boston Christopher played Olaf, a misplaced Viking with much humor and energy. I really want to see more of this guy.

Also, just let me say that the warfare scenes were impressive for a production of this size. Using a lot of practical effects and more extras than I thought they could afford they really did give a good feel for warfare of the period.

The film was exciting and humorous. It's still cheese but it's a darn good slice.

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