Monday, January 23, 2012

We Hardly Knew Ye Stealthy

Last night's "Once Upon A Time," focused on the main B story of the series so far of the romance between Snow White and Prince Charming. In the real world, they are making goo goo eyes at 7:15 every morning as the "accidently" bump into each other at granny's for coffee. While they are keeping their hands off each other they having a virtual affair like weasels on viagra.

In the fantastic world things are also about the same. Prince Charming is going to save the kingdom and marry King Midas' daughter for all the free tires the kingdom needs (not), and Snow White is in the woods feeling about as low as you can. So she decides to go see Rumpelstiltskin who gives her a love removal potion that also will remove her memories. Rumple only asks for a hair on her head and judging from his giggles has been hitting the nitrous oxide pretty hard that night.

So what will bring true love together? Why being given the bird. In both sides of the story a bird appears. In the real world it's a hurt bird that needs to be brought back to its flock or forever lose its one true love, and in the other its a bird sent to Snow by the Prince to say essentially, "Hey still thinking of you, come on over to the castle and we can hook up!" In the real world, Snow goes into the wood and is followed by the prince as they try to help the poor little birdie. In the fantasy world things don't go as easy and Snow is caught and put in a cell. In the cell next door is the biggest dwarf you ever did see by the name of...Grumpy. Yep, it's the cute meet between Snow and at least one of the seven dwarves.

Oh did I say seven? No Grump and Snow is freed by the EIGHTH dwarf "Stealthy." Never heard of Stealthy dwarf? Well that's because he wasn't stealthy enough. He winds up dead and Snow is recaptured. True love never has an easy path. At least this episode made things interesting between the two. The two young lovers tend to be the most callow part of the series but they are gaining in depth. Another fun part of the episode is the new mysterious stranger and his mystery box. Emma needs someone now that the Sheriff/huntsman is gone.

Definitely one of the better episodes of the series so far. Still, we need more Stealthy Dwarf!!

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