Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is a bad, bad, bad film. It knows it is a bad, bad, bad film. The only question was would it be able to do what some Troma films do and flip the badness into a weird counter cultural funkiness. After a viewing I would have to say, "No." But I will damn with faint praise and say if you were completely bombed out of your mind, and with your favorite buds you might be able to squeeze a laugh or two.

Directed by the bane of all film making Uwe Boll, the story is fairly simple. Blubberella is a half vampire who is, wait for it, very obese. She lives in Germany in 1940 in what the film describes as the "Jewy" part of town. Yes, that's a sample of the level of jokes. She spends her days going into her walking fridge/butchershop and looking up potential dates on her PC (In the forties remember), and then kills a bunch of nazis. She hooks up with a resistence that is basically made up of a handsome hunk and a bitchy gay man. Meanwhile the nazis dither and try to pretend they are in a Mel Brooks film.

Acting is subpar, though I admit I wanted to like the actress who played Blubberella because she was obviously willing to throw away things like dignity and played her role all out. Everything was subpar actually, but as I hinted this is not the worst Uwe Boll movie. It's a bit like grading kicks to the groin, but this wasn't sooo painful. Tasteless yes. Vulgar, very. Not a film to watch with your mother. Anyhoo, there you go. The things I do for my readers.

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