Saturday, February 4, 2012

So How Much is a R.I.N.O. Nose Worth?

This week's Grimm was pretty ok. We had a red herring with Hansel and Gretel but thankfully it was only that, a red herring. I felt we missed a bullet specially since "Once Upon a Time" had already mucked up that story but good.

What we had here instead was a bunch of beasties called Greiers running a body chop shop. Seems the supernaturals in the Grimm verse sometimes resort to using human parts for their medical needs. As ol' Pilates Wolf said, "Humans are our exotic animals." Should we be so shocked? If anything the Rhinos would think it mere karma.

Still, our Grimm cop just can't let this one go so he hunts down the network and take it down. There's some actual policework this episode. There's some exciting action. It's nice to have beasties this week that we don't have to feel any pity for. Into the firepit with them all! All and all a good effort episode and one that keeps hope alive for something better.

Oh while I like the Greier as villains I also enjoyed the Fuchsbau as one of the more well rounded supernatural creatures. Any show I figure can only be improved by adding fox people.

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