Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Top Ten Superheroes That I Like #3: Buckaroo Banzai

Now some may complain that he's more of a pulp style hero.  All I know is he drove through a mountain and saved the world from the Electroids.  That's pretty hard core superheroing in my book.  Besides who else but a real superhero can keep the Hong Kong Cavaliers together?  The thing I like best is how low key he was played but it was a very special type of low key.  You can't really be low key and stand toe toe with the over the top performance of John Lithgow so it only SEEMS low key.  That, dear readers is brilliance.

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  1. I totally support your status of Superhero to Buckaroo (gotta be just to carry the name!). I so so so looked forward to the second film that never came due to whatever reasons! Awesome choice!