Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Retreat

The Retreat is what we would call if it were a television show "a bottle episode."  That is, it is basically one set and very few people.  In this case of couple in relationship hell decide to go to a remote island retreat for some healing time.  It's very prickly, but maybe they can pull things together.  Unfortunately, a wrinkle in the shape of an unconscious wounded man turns up.  Turns out when he wakes up he claims that there's this huge pandemic hitting everywhere and they have to board up the house.  He's seemingly military and armed so it becomes a contest of wills and belief.  Is there a pandemic?  Is he crazy?  Can husband and wife work together?

Over all this was an ok film, not top ten but well acted and well thought out.  I love the country home where it's set.  There's a believeable isolation.  Overall worth a watch.

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