Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Once Upon A Time Versus One Very Mad Hatter

Well, that's something you don't see every day. Our unhappy people in Storybrooke had a joker in their midst and didn't even know it. See, Snow White aka Mary decides to escape from jail. Her daughter Emma decides to try to find her. Both get kidnapped by a rather charming and very insane gentleman. Why? Cause he wants Emma to make him a hat.

See, back in fairy tale land he had a magic hat. The Queen needed him to use his hat so they can both go to the wonderland described in Alice in Wonderland. The Queen of course betrays him and leaves him stranded in Wonderland. The Red Queen forces him to make hat after hat to try to get another magic hat. Alas, he has no magic so he goes mad instead. Then when the Queen creates her great curse it pulls him from Wonderland to Storybrooke. Weirdly, this keeps his memory intact but he can't act on his memory. So for 28 years he stayed in his house and can only watch his daughter being raised by another family, and so he goes mad a second time. When Emma comes he senses that he has been freed and she did it so she must have magic. Therefore why not use her magic to make another hat so he and his daughter can go back to the fairy tale world.

This is a great episode on many levels. The acting was good. The writing was inventive. More importantly it advances the overall plot of the show. Emma is finally taking the curse seriously. She realizes she does make a difference. There are minor problems, like please get a real artist to do Henry's book, but they are small problems. I love that they made the Red Queen so very mysterious. I feel she will be a big part of the story soon enough.

Good job everybody. It fed my head.

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