Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Top Ten Superheroes I Like #10: The Question

Created by comic book oddball and artist extraordinaire Steve Ditka, the Question has always fascinated me.  He's had an on again off again career and is not the most well known of super heroes.  On the other hand, he was the model Rorschach and his appearance on the Justice League cartoons won him a lot of fans.

I like him for many reasons.  I like that he was a throw back to the golden age of heroes in that he had no real special powers and just made do with fists and wits.   I like how his name worked in so many ways.  People questioned who he was, and his goal was to answer the questions to the mysteries he dug out from the streets and even less savory places.  I love his classy simple look of a suit and no face.  I think it is a good comment on how a man can be so absorbed by his quest that he can lose his identity.  Besides it's pretty spooky meeting up with a no faced man at midnight.

The Justice League version of the Question if anything made him even more intense.  Working next to Batman, the so called "World's Greatest Detective," they had to do something to make the Question stand out.  So they intensified his desire to answer the questions not even being asked.  He saw conspiracies everywhere, and (while you can't trust all of his theories) he gave the Justice League important information.  Sometimes you just have to know what Questions to ask.


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