Sunday, March 25, 2012

Villainy and Blackguards Incorporated #26: Dr. Seer

Villains and Blackguards Incorporated (VABI) is an organization found on Earth 32aa which has dedicated itself to protecting the interest of those of differently enabled morality and enhanced humanity. They take care of legal expenses and investments. It has become a very successful organization and is considering spreading to other Earths. In case they do here are some of it's members.

One of VABI's most requested services is emergency medical care.  This is both because of the extralegal status of most of VABI's members and also because many of VABI's member are not standard humans and often require special care.  VABI has a series of hidden clinics around the world and special medical teams that make "house calls."  The services are expensive, but of high over all quality and much better than some mafia doctor in an alley.

In charge of the medical division is Dr. Seer.  He is a brilliant doctor and has specialized in several fields.  As you can guess by his name, Dr.. Seer's main interest is vision.  When he was an active super villain he created many gadgets to affect vision in himself and others.  He is still a master inventor in that field and has helped several VABI members to see again.

In person, now that he's retired from active villainy, he is a very personable man.  He has wonderful bed side manner and is very empathic.  He is occassionally still bothered by an old foe of his known as the Echo, but mostly he has enjoyed his new career with us at VABI.

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  1. Love the series! Nice new addition to its ranks!