Saturday, April 7, 2012

Films That Should Be Remade: "Charlie Chan At the Opera."

Now as I said before, I generally here work from the point of view that failures should be remade.  Charlie Chan at the Opera is actually a good film of the period.  If nothing else it allowed for Charlie to meet the one villain who really was a match for him protrayed by Boris Karloff in full tilt crazy mode.  So the reason that this does count for this series is that the entire concept of Charle Chan is now something of a failure.  Not that the idea of an asian detective talking like Yoda is so bad, it it was so bad that they had a bunch of white actors play him.  That don't play anymore.... well unless you are Johnny Depp and you want to play Tonto.  Still don't know how that one got green lit. 

The simple answer here is staring everyone straight in the face.  Jackie Chan.  Ladies and gentlemen I submit he's now a bit old for his action movie career and this would be a good role for him to segue into other genres.  He's the right age now.  He's charming.  He knows enough english that he can pretty natually do that whole Charlie Chan diction we know and love.  It's a natural.

The big change I'd make to this film is the nature of the opera.  Instead of the European version I would instead go with Peking Opera which should be some exotic for the audience and generate more interest.  Also, Jackie Chan was raised and trained to be in the Peking Opera so again a perfect fit.  He can even get his "brothers" like Samo Hung back together and they could have a rocking time.  Hopefully something the audience can get a contact high from.

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  1. That'd be a blast! Make a note on his fb page or fan club sight!