Sunday, April 8, 2012

General Orders #9

Oh the pain the horror. No, I'm sorry I'm drama queening. There was no pain or horror in "General Orders #9." Just soft music, a soft voice, tasteful pictures slowly flashed on the screen and......



Oh sorry, that was one of the effects the film had on me. The other is that it unleashed my inner Cartman. That occurred about half way through the film where the narrator started going on along the lines of "Cities are bad, bad, they aren't a place they are a thing." To which my inner Cartman wanted to tell him to go back to Hippyville. Now there are a lot of arguments one can make against urbanization, or over population. "Cities are bad" is not one of those arguments if you are over the age of three. Besides it's insulting. There are many people who love the cities they live in. Look at the love affair Woody Allen has had with New York City over the decades, or John Hughes' love of Chicago. Cities are not snidely whiplash architectural monstrosities... well except for LA (and even Steve Martin showed that someone could love that hell pile)

The only thing I really learned from this film is avoid any film listed as an "experimental documentary."  I can only recommend it to those in need of drug free sleep.

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