Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Official, Regina is Mayor of Crazy Town.

So last night we finally find out why Regina the evil queen hates Snow White so.  See, once long ago Regina was a fresh innocent lass in love with the stable boy.  She of course could not be open about her love because her mother was a social climbing witch...very literally so.  Snow White is riding by and her horse pitches a fit and so she's now at the house.  She sees Regina with the stable boy but Regina impresses upon her that it is a case of true love and don't say a word.  Unfortunately, Regina's mom is very tricksy and soon the young girl is spilling the beans.  Regina's mom kills the stable boy and Regina marry's Snow White's dad and plots the downfall of her new step daughter.

Now true it was Snow White's fault that Regina's mom found out, but really she's just a little girl.  Having a life long vendetta against Snow White over it is like kicking puppies every day.  It's just down and out crazy.  And it just grew even more than crazy, she damns an entire world with her curse because she can forgive what a little girl did.

It was a goo episode, but it certainly showed that there can be no reasoning with Regina.  She's a first class evil nut ball and that's the all of it.  Mr. Gold/Rumple is a far more nuanced character which makes their little war all the more interesting.  Speaking of that it seems that Mr. Gold's offer of help to Regina was less than helpful.  He made Charming's wife disappear but now he's brought her back at a very inconvenient time.  It's still hard to say exactly what his game is, but he seems to be five moves ahead.

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