Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Very Harold & Kumar Chistmas

Honestly people, this is the funniest comedy that's been released in say the last five years.  It made me laugh, it made me smile, and maybe even a tug at the ol' heat strings.  Not bad for a stoner comedy and one using the horrors of 3D at that.  So why did I like it so?  Oh let me count the ways

  1. The plot has a great hook.  Our two friends have drifted apart and on this one night they come back together.  Who of us haven't found us drifting away from that wild and crazy friend as we become more of an "adult."  It's a very universal theme.
  2. As they drifted they still needed a good buddy so each choose one that complimented their desires instead of being their devil's advocate as the original Harold & Kumar team was.  So Kumar pals with a guy even more immature (seriously I don't think he's graduated from high school), and Harold is now with a guy who's bringing his cute little girl everywhere with him being the responsible one.  It's funny because eventually when these faux teams split you get Harold and Kumar and this new team of a tight ass and immature ass trying to survive in a hostile world.
  3. Best. Use. Of. 3D. Ever.  Of this I have no doubt.  They make it an organic part of the film and not just a gimmick to make you pay double price at the theater.  Also, unlike most 3D films this one looks great.  It's bright and sharp and beautiful.  If all 3D films were like this even Roger Ebert would like them.
  4. Danny Trejo.  Love the man, and here he shines.  Not only does he get to play the hardest ass step father ever, but he also tells one of the best "Christmas means so much to me because my childhood Christmas' sucked" stories ever.  Bonus points for showing boyhood Trejo with the trademarked Trejo 'stache! 
  5. The cute little baby girl on drugs.  I don't know what combination of coaching and CGI it took but it was hysterical to see her high first on marijuana and then on cocaine.  Not something I'd recommend in real life of course, but remember it's only a movie.  It's only a movie.
  6. Neal Patrick Harris.  'Nuff said.
  7. Dead Neal Patrick Harris.  Finding out that heaven was a nineties night club where he stole Jesus' girlfriend was priceless.
  8. Wafflebot.  Mmmmmm waffles.
  9. A hilarious shout out to "The Christmas Story." 
In short, I loved this film and recommend it to anyone any time of the year.

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  1. Glad to hear this. I was really concerned about this sequel. So happy that it turned out so well!